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We provide access to vehicles for a short period of time; that is we rent bikes too.We have distinctive access schemes like we charge a monthly or yearly fee. our schemes even operate stations across an entire city, serve members, and we are targeted to commuters. A user can purchase a yearly or monthly pass that provides access to a bike with a smart card. Most such systems allow a member to sign out a bike from any station for up to half an hour of free use, enough for most commuters to travel to their destination where they can drop off the bike at any station.Even our bike sharing schemes start charging fees after the first free half hour in order to encourage the user to return the Bikes at the end of each trip, and take another Bike for the next trip, rather than keeping a bike out continuously. However, we even offer daily or weekly memberships which permits their use by tourists, visitors, and other occasional users. Client/ Customer has to Sign a risk certificate along with one vallid proof either address proof along with ID proof in order to start their way in bikes.

Full Day Excursion To Kangra Valley

eave after early breakfast and driving through small tea gardens,pine forests and passing through small villages of Kangra valley we reach Masrur Rock-cut Temples after two hours.Masrur rock cut temples are 8th century old temples hewned in Indo-Aryan architectural style from a single sand stone rock.These are the only rock temple in north India.From Masrur we drive to see the fort of Kangra, situated near Kangra town.Visit to Brajeshwari Devi temple in Kangra is also recommended. The small market outside the temple complex is unique and worth visiting. After Kangra we drive to Norbulingka Institute(40 minutes).Norbulingka is dedicated for preserving traditional Tibetan art and craft.Spend at least one hour visiting various sections of Norbulingka.Back to McLeodGanj by late afternoon.

Full Day Excursion to Tatta Pani & Masrur Rock Cut Temple

The excursion includes a drive through Kangra Valley, walk through small villages, picnic lunch at Tatta Pani (Hot Spring) swimming & river crossing and visit to Masrur Rock-cut Temple. We start after breakfast and after one and a half hour drive we reach a small village in Kangra Valley, from where we start walking through the village to reach Tatta Pani (Hot Spring). Lunch at Tatta Pani. From here we cross a small river to walk to the roadside where the jeep is waiting for us. Drive half an hour to visit Masrur Rock-cut Temple. Drive to back to McLeod Ganj passing through Kangra town.