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Courses in Dharamshala Flying Club

This course is framed to give the students a good and clear idea about paragliding. The first morning we do an introductory session where you familiarize yourself with the equipment. You will then be shown several demonstrations for inflating the glider. You will then be suited appropriately to your gear depending on your weight and height. Practice starts from day one, learning to be comfortable with the paraglider and its controls. Theory classes will be done after ground handling sessions. From there, we go on to bunny hops from a gentle slope, learning the take-off and landing techniques. Once you have mastered these hops, it?s time to go for your first solo flight.

Dharamshala Flying Club Offers following courses.

Equipment introduction

Canopy layout

Pre-flight check

Forward inflation

Control familiarization

Ground handling

Take off & landing technique

Steering and Speed Control

Post flight procedures

Canopy - care & maintenance

At the end of this course, you will have tasted the thrill of free flight.... You have successfuly performed inflation, take off, made turns and landed safely and comfortably, enjoying the flight

YOU ARE A PILOT NOW AND YOU CAN FLY UNDER SUPERVISION AND ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE INSTRUCTOR You will receive your P1 certificate after this course, which gives you the rating of a Elementary Pilot and makes you eligible for the Club Pilot Course (CP).